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Solar Stove (by GoSun)
Stove stays cool while cooking with ONLY solar power!
The GoSun Solar Stove doesn't need any type of fuel, other than the sun, even on a cloudy day... "The Grill is designed to be preheated before use. Even overcast skies can build into a heated chamber ready to cook. Once heated, medium and large dishes will require at least partial Sun to continue cooking." 

A complete redesign of the modern grill, the GoSun Grill can roast meals for eight in as little as an hour. Cooking more than just meat, the Grill roasts vegetables, bakes breads, and stews soups, making it the perfect compliment to your backyard charcoal kitchen. Featured by Top Chef, Discovery Channel, Outside Magazine, Popular Science and more. The GoSun Grill's award-winning patented design converts nearly 80% of all sunlight entering it's reflectors into usable heat, retaining if for hot meals with friends even in the most challenging conditions.

  • No fuel and no mess: just open and relax, no empty tanks to replace or burnt carbon crud to scrape

  • Roast, bake and steam: cook everything from meat and veggies to soup and breads, steam and drip trays allow for cooking multiple dishes at once

  • Fit for a family: simple to use, cool to touch and large enough to feed 8, the grill was designed with the family in mind

  • Summer or winter: due to the vacuum tube, if there is sunlight, you are cooking, even after a snow storm

Normally sold for $799 (and up) ours is on sale for only $699 + tax.

This solar-only grill cooks quickly and uniformly, plus it's easy to clean! Now you can bake, boil, or steam a meal for 6 people using only the sun. Call 979-836-7225 for more information, or click here to contact us.

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