Focusing Families - Shelter Director

Focusing Families
Job Description
We are currently looking to fill this position that will be open soon. Below is the job description. If you're interested or have question, please email your resume to Kim Mathis Goodrum, Executive Director at or call 979-826-3290.

         Shelter Director
Reports To:    The Executive Director
Exempt/Non-Exempt Status: Exempt
Job Summary:  The Shelter Director is responsible for the overall operation of the shelter and supervision of shelter staff.  Provides regular social services to shelter residents and their children.  Works as an integral part of the organization’s Leadership Team, by ensuring quality, effective programming, community education plus awareness, and management of assigned personnel. The Shelter Director is a member of the Focusing Families staff and participates in staff training, in-service, group supervision, and individual supervision.
Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Supervises maintenance of shelter, including grounds and structure.
2. Assures proper use of donated food as well as fulfilling adequate dietary requirements. Assures adherence to Texas Department of Health procedures for food.
3. Oversee 24 hours a day hotline and house management. Provide emergency backup support for the shelter and its residents.
4. Hold weekly shelter staff meetings to review and evaluate operations and quality of services.
5. Supervises case managers to ensure goal-directed assistance for clients in addressing their physical, financial, social and psychological needs. Monitors progress of progress toward goals.
6. Provides educational and vocational resources and support to clients.
7. In cooperation with the Executive Director, ensure compliance with all agency contracts funding portions of the Shelter Program.
8. Recruits professionals to provide substance abuse, counseling, parenting education, and other support services.
9. Provide structured education programs to schools and youth service agencies regarding above topics (age appropriate) as requested.
10. Acts as children’s advocate and counselor in the following manner:
  • Provision of counsel to parents regarding their child’s development, parenting skills, dynamic of family relationships and observed and sensed need of the child(ren)
  • Responds in a constructive and supportive manner to the resident parent and child in crisis.
  • Is aware of the local network of children’s services
11. Ensure that an accurate record of working hours, mileage, etc. is maintained.
12. Ensure that an accurate work record for shelter volunteers is maintained.
13. Prepare reports as requested/required by the Executive Director regarding shelter  activities.
14. Maintain appropriate records for reporting requirements.
15. Network with community partners to encourage collaborative projects that enhance shelter activities
16. Acts as legal advocate demonstrating the following:
  • A working knowledge of Texas laws pertaining to family violence, as well as the justice system’s response to domestic violence.
  • Familiarity with legal services, resources, and procedures available to victims in Focusing Families service area.
  • Assistance to adult shelter residents and non-residents in safety planning and re-evaluation of the safety plan as part of an individual services plan
  • Identification of legal rights and options as part of  individual service plan
17. Monitors follow-up of previous shelter residents on a 3-month, 6-month and annual basis
18. Reviews and updates shelter policies and procedures in coordination with the Executive Director and the Board of Directors
19. Trains, supervises and evaluates shelter staff
20. Provides budgeting information on the Shelter Program to the Executive Director
21. Coordinates shelter monthly statistical information for the Texas Department of Human Services and all other grants as required.
22. Other duties as required.
Requirements: Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in a related fieldFive to six years of experience working with clients in a related field. Fluent in Spanish strongly preferred.
Qualifications: Program development, excellent oral and written communication skills, and personnel management; public speaking, knowledgeable regarding sexual assault issues and the dynamics of domestic violence, thorough understanding and experience in the delivery of services to an ethnically and economically diverse and resistant populations, computer literate with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel.  Must possess a personal, insured vehicle for use on the job with a valid driver’s license.
Ability to walk, bend, stoop, twist at waist, reach, climb stairs, lift and carry at least 25 lbs. Strong written and verbal communication skills.  Maintain Continuing Education credits as required. Must pass a criminal background check and have a clean driving record.
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