Chamber Launches Holiday Season Buy Local Awareness Campaign

October 03, 2018
The Washington County Chamber of Commerce promotes buying local year-round and the holiday season is the perfect time of year to reinforce awareness of the benefits of shopping local first. In order to boost consumer interest prior to the annual Black Friday sales peak, the Chamber is assisting its members to step up promotions in October and November.  Statistics indicate that most holiday shopping decisions are made by Thanksgiving weekend.

The Chamber is offering members the opportunity to list their retail “Hot Deals” online at and they will be promoted on social media and in eblasts. The Hot Deals will also be published as coupons in upcoming ChamberWorks newsletters inside the Banner Press on the second Thursdays of October, November and December. The opportunity is being offered at no additional cost to Chamber members.

As you compile your gift-giving lists this fall season, think of all the unique items carried by locally-owned businesses in Washington County.  Search the “Hot Deals” section of the Chamber website for ideas and inspiration. While shoppers don’t have to swear off shopping online or at a chain store, look for ways to integrate the value of supporting your neighbors’ and friends’ businesses in your purchasing decisions. If local residents shift even one or two purchases to independent, community-based businesses this season, it would create a dramatic, positive impact on our local economy.

Local non-profit organizations depend largely on the contributions of local independent businesses who, in turn, depend on our patronage. If we value local business support for our children’s teams, schools and bands or our favorite charities, we must recognize they can’t do it without us.

The long-term relationships fostered by local businesses also cement commitment to schools, churches and civic clubs that aid not just our economic prosperity, but our community cohesion and trust.

So do yourself and your community a favor this year by shifting a bit more spending to local merchants, service providers, artisans and others. Along with helping your neighbors and community, you may just find “going local” turns holiday shopping into a far more relaxing and enjoyable experience: one that rewards both you and your community.
Shae Janner, Business Programs Manager