Nationally renowned presenter Glenn Shepard to give seminar Feb. 28

February 02, 2017
    Managing in today's business world is complex, ever changing, and wrought with serious consequences when you make even the tiniest mistake. You can be sued just for asking the wrong question in an interview, firing an employee who deserved to be fired, or for not hiring someone who wanted the job, even though they weren't qualified to begin with. How does a manager learn to avoid pitfalls like these?
    Attend a powerful and valuable seminar in Brenham on February 28 with nationally-renowned presenter Glenn Shepard, hosted by the Washington County Chamber.
    There are dozens of seminars for managers on interviewing, team coaching, time management, assertiveness skills, supervising, managing multiple priorities, and dealing with difficult people, but who has time to spend a day on each one?
    In this half-day seminar, Glenn Shepard will present the basic, hands-on, real life principles in all those areas with no fluff or classroom theory. Whether you're a veteran manager or brand new to your job, he guarantees you'll find this to be the most productive day you'll spend this year. In just one short session, you'll learn how to handle the unpleasant aspects of management including supervising problem employees and people with bad attitudes, incompetent or lazy employees, disciplining employees, firing employees, and how to avoid legal pitfalls.
    You'll also learn how to hire the right person for the job by improving your interviewing skills. You'll discover the power questions that will get the in-depth answers to make the best hiring decision, red flags to look for on resumes, how to assess personality quirks during the interview, and even a checklist to make sure you're right.
    You'll learn how to inspire your employees to be their best, what your personal  leadership style is, and how to maximize it to become the best coach, trainer, and team leader you can be.
    Plus, this seminar will cover specifics like how to constructively give criticism, deal with whiners and complainers, manage multiple priorities overcome negativity in the workplace, resolve conflict, motivate people, develop and help employees live up to their maximum potential, maximize your own time management skills, and assert your authority.
    Finally, one seminar that covers it all…and in under four hours!
    This seminar will be held on Tuesday, February 28, from 8:30 a.m. until 12:00 noon.  It will be held at the Washington County Fairgrounds in the VIP Building.  Members will be sent more details by email.
    The registration fee is $129 for Chamber members, $149 for non-members.  There is a Group Discount: when three or more register together, the fourth person attends for Free.
Seating is limited.  Call the Chamber office today to reserve your seat(s): 979-836-3695.