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January 06, 2017
Payment Processing That Transforms Your Business
Do you understand credit card processing fees or know how much you’re paying? Most merchants don’t – and that’s where Infintech comes in.
Infintech, a payment processing partner of the Washington County Chamber, will help you discover exactly what you’re paying so you can unearth potential savings.
With Infintech, you can expect:
  • Transparent pricing (no more surprise rate increases)
  • Reduced acceptance fees through exclusive chamber member rates
  • Flexible transaction capabilities that cater to consumer purchasing preferences
  • Shopping carts and electronic payment acceptance functions with versatile eCommerce gateways
Don’t just take our word for it, here is a testimonial from a current member:
“For more than 2 years we’ve worked with Infintech and have been pleased with their knowledge, professionalism, and customer service. In addition to the competitive rates, we like that Infintech partners with the chamber. We highly recommend their services to other businesses.” 
Daphne Kohring, Controller, Appel Ford & Hyundai of Brenham
3 Things You Should Know about Your Payment Processing Environment
Ignorance isn’t always bliss, especially when it comes to your payment processing environment.
The truth is you could be missing out on big savings and other advantages you didn’t know existed.
Learn the answer to these three questions to make sure you’re making the most of how you process payments.
#1 What’s Your Effective Rate?
Has your payment processor told you that you are paying a 1.5% qualified rate? If so, calculate your effective rate using the formula below. You will most likely find out your total cost is higher than you thought because the qualified rate does not disclose all fees assessed on your monthly statement.
Effective Rate = Monthly Processing Fees/Monthly Sales Volume
Contact Will Watson, Infintech advisor, who can help calculate your effective rate and complete a no-obligation pricing analysis to show your exact savings potential.
#2 Are You Processing in the Most Efficient Way Possible?
Whether you’re accepting payments at your location or offsite, there are a variety of ways to process payments and you want to work with a company that offers a solution that works for you. It’s important to be aware of these options so you can pick the right solution – or a combination – that fits your business needs.
If you’re processing with a standalone terminal, for example, consider using a virtual terminal so you can integrate your payment processing with your accounting or ERP software.
#3 Are You Benefiting from Level 2 and Level 3 Processing?
When you provide Level 2 or 3 data, it allows access to lower interchange rates from credit card companies, saving you up to 40% in the long-run, resulting in optimal savings.
Level 2 and Level 3 processing provides more detailed transactions, and are designed to support business-to-business payment processing.
Learn More:
  • Contact Your Infintech Advisor
  • Will Watson
  • 979-345-2988
Will Watson, Infintech Advisor