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Cook III

Salary: $2, 904.91

The Cook III performs complex technical food service production tasks and is responsible for preparing, cooking,
portioning, distributing and serving food of for regular and modified food diets and textures. This position provides
guidance, training and oversight to subordinates and is integral to both quality of life and safety of residents. SSLC management has identified the need to establish this position as a benchmark audit as part of the ongoing effort to establish better consistency in the classification, compensation, duties, and responsibilities of positions. Furthermore, it will provide the option to quickly create and/or reclassify cook positions to this benchmark, which may assist in filling currently vacant cook positions and will provide an additional resource for training and guiding the work of kitchen staff.
Essential Job Functions:
Attends work on a regular and predictable schedule in accordance with agency leave policy and performs other duties as assigned.
Prepares, seasons, cooks and assembles food for regular and modified diets using proper equipment and utensils and in a manner that ensures sanitary conditions. Prepares and portions food for special diets and modified textures following food service procedures in order to meet guidelines set forth by doctor's orders. Prepare scheduled snacks and supplements. Maintains a supply of snack items. Follows Central Kitchen Operation Manual Procedures and ensures others follow proper food handling in accordance with food service procedures, state and federal guidelines.
Operates and maintains all food service equipment in a safe manner. Provides guidance, training and oversight to others to operate and maintain food service equipment in a safe manner.
Calculates proper amounts of food to prepare and deliver to the designated food service areas by using a standardized menu and recipe to ensure an adequate supply of food, to reduce the number of call backs from food service areas, and in order to provide accurate meals to residents.
Prepares and participates in the distribution of food in a safe and sanitary manner according to the food service policies, including driving a delivery vehicle when needed. When needed, serves food, including for special diets, following food service procedures.
Maintains and inspects assigned areas for sanitation to include cleaning equipment, utilizing proper food handling and preparation techniques and assembly and service procedures, and storing and utilizing leftovers properly. Follows procedures for sanitation and storage of the dishes and food service equipment and for cleaning kitchen, stock room, food preparation areas, and satellite areas.
Guides, trains and oversees others in food preparation, meal assembly and service, equipment usage, and food service sanitation and safety procedures. Trains subordinates in the proper use and safety of food service equipment to reduce the risk of employee injury and equipment breakage.
Completes required records and reports such as equipment work orders, document notes on the subordinate cooks. Reports kitchen equipment in need of repair or replacement, or supplies needed using the designated protocol. Assists in making recommendations to improve operational efficiency to the designed supervisor.
Performs other duties to ensure overall operational functions of the food service department such as: working in the facility canteen (as applicable) which involves handling cash in a safe and secure manner to protect the interest of each resident and the State of Texas, working in the ingredient room, receiving delivery of food and supplies from vendors, and answering the telephone promptly and transmits messages in a clear, concise, and positive manner.

Knowledge of food preparation methods, of food storage standards and sanitation regulations.
Knowledge of specialized diets and textures.
Skill in cooking and baking and in the use and care of food preparation appliances and equipment such as slicers,
mixers, grinders, food processors, etc.
Skill in the operation and sanitizing of food service equipment.
Skill in the preparation of large quantities of food following specific guidelines for diet and textures.
Skill in interpreting and following recipes.
Ability to serve food, to clean dining, serving, and food preparation areas, and to maintain accurate records.
Ability to speak and read English.
Ability to follow written and oral instructions.
Ability to complete basic math used in cooking/preparation.
Ability to lift minimum of 25 pounds.
Ability to bend and reach, stand/walk on hard floors for extended period of time.
Ability to work in hot and/or cold conditions.
Ability to smell, taste, and see.
Ability to work harmoniously and productively with co-workers and residents.
Ability to guide, train and oversee the work of others in food preparation, equipment use and sanitization.
Registration or Licensure Requirements:
Driver’s License and eligible driving record based on HHSC Fleet Management policy. Applicants with an out-of-state driver’s license must provide an original certified driving record from the state of driving licensure or obtain a valid Texas Driver’s License.

Texas requires food handler training for all individuals working in Texas food service establishments. In addition, Texas Food Manager certification, or Food Protection Manager Certification is required within six (6) months of hire for employees working in this position.  
Initial Selection Criteria:
6 months of food preparation work is required.
6 months experience cooking in a health care food service operation is preferred.
Graduation from a standard high school or equivalent is preferred.

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