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Monday - Friday

3:00 pm - 11:00 pm

$12.00 per hour


  • Machine Operators/Packers are given daily production priorities and goals from their Reliever, Lead Hand and/or the Shift/Production Supervisor
  • Supports the continuous operation of production machinery, Quality checks, completing Quality and Productivity documents, packaging of product and completing product changeovers
  • Perform duties efficiently and safely, while following standard operating and SQF policies and procedures
  • Production schedules may be interrupted on a daily basis by unexpected customer orders, equipment malfunction, worker absenteeism or an inadequate supply of input or packaging materials
  • Communicates constantly with the Reliever, Lead Hand, and the Shift/Production Supervisor to adjust production plans and coordinate work priorities due to the circumstances listed above
  • Complete Quality Inspections and ensures quality checks are being performed and recorded at the prescribed times.  Informs Reliever or Lead Hand immediately of any food safety/food quality issues as they arise
  • Ensures labels and documentation is filled out properly and completely
  • Perform all required duties and checks as outlined on Changeover Checklists to prevent a product mix
  • Assist in trouble shooting operational equipment in his/her area
  • Ensure work area is kept neat and clean
  • Develop methods to ensure good process flow
  • Assist Reliever and/or Lead Hand in root cause investigations and solution implementation with assistance of the Shift/Production Supervisor and Management.
  • Ability to work with others, take direction, take ownership for producing quality work, while supporting process improvements
  • Required to attend meetings as requested


  • High school diploma or GED or equivalent experience is required for this position
  • Completion of all training requirements for the position
  • Must be able to complete all tasks and functions required to operate the machine(s) safely and efficiently
  • Must be able to complete all tasks and functions required to ensure Quality product is efficiently packaged for the customer.  Able to troubleshoot everyday machine issues
  • Follow all company good housekeeping procedures
  • Adhere to all SQF, GMP’s and HACCP requirements
  • Attend and ascertain all company health and safety trainings

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