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Monday - Friday

10:00 pm - 7:00 am

$12.50 per hour


  • A Quality Technician collects, analyzes, and reports data about product quality and process efficiencies.
  • Responsible for the effective assistance, and performance of the quality assurance program. Including customer quality interface, empty container, filled container complaints and technical specifications.
  • Assists with the activities of the plant quality assurance functions and personnel, in a manner conducive to attaining plant and corporate objectives while satisfying customer requirements.
  • Maintains plant quality assurance standards procedures, methods, facility, and equipment use within corporate quality guidelines.
  • Assists with a customer relations program in plant matters relating to container quality.
  • Provides and assists with quality training and development programs to maintain the competence and technical skills required for the effective performance of the plant quality assurance department.
  • Analyzes quality areas, including: quality goals, quality problems, machine capability of complying with product specifications, defective materials, claims and customer problems. Conveys result analysis to plant management and manufacturing departments in a concise, timely manner.
  • Provide leadership to new technicians and co-op students in new product/new equipment qualification trials as well as taking responsibility for coordination /documentation of ongoing product/efficiency improvement trials.
  • Maintain safe and healthy working conditions and environments. Enforces safety rules and regulations designed to create and maintain safe working habits to reduce frequency and / or seriousness of industrial accidents.
  • Practices effective communication skills to build a “teamwork” approach within departments.
  • Perform such individual assignments as the Quality Manager may direct; establishes and maintains effective work relationships within the department, the plant, the community; and maintains the professional competence, knowledge and skills necessary for the satisfactory performance of all assigned responsibilities.


  • Must be willing to work weekends when needed.
  • Basic computer skills required (Outlook email, Excel and Microsoft Office)

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